Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love, and a challenge for you.

It is funny that this is a post I started about a month ago and just left it as a draft unable to find the words to finish it. In the past few days I have taken part in several conversations about "love" and I don't mean How you love your husband/boyfriend/significant other, I am talking about Pure, simple, unconditional love for humankind.

Such an over-used and abused word. A lot of people today just can't even begin to wrap their heads around it. No clue of the how significant of a word it is. Two strongest words in any language "Love & Hate". I too am guilty of using both words loosely. " I love that dress" "I hate Lima beans"

Lets address "hate" first. Upon several discussion with several people Besides the "f" word I can't even understand why words are considered "dirty" other than society has made them that way. I mean would I get the same cross look if I called you a donkey instead of an ass? Probably not. Words that we consider "curse words" today have all been made into that and they are just words. If I were the person (whomever that person is) that was in charge of stamping words as "bad" Hate would be the number one word on the list. To hold Absolute pure hatred someone is the most vile feeling one can harbor. To say " I hate you" Is the biggest, nastiest insult one can give. It is dirty, it is mean, and it isn't healthy for anyone involved.

All that was the draft, I couldn't get any further with the post, I knew what I wanted to say but not how to say it.

I saw a shirt yesterday, it is perfect. "Love thy neighbor"

One of the things that has really gotten me pondering this whole "love" issue that apparently humans are having a really hard time with is the "Trayvon Martin" case. I realize that this is quite the controversial topic for some people and I don't intend on touching on the actual "case" I wasn't there, I don't know anything more than the mainstream media has allowed me to know. So I care not to get involved in THAT discussion. But rather the hatred that has been spewed from all different sides of this. There are white people screaming profanities and ugliness at/about black people and black people screaming back just as loud. It has flared this whole hatred war. It is crazy.

Then there was this morning a conversation between myself and a facebook friend on her status update with a few of her friends. It was a wonderful discussion and I realized that for some reason Hating someone for a lot of people is so much easier than swallowing their pride, and taking the high road. Doing the right thing is almost always the hardest. We are selfish people. I say we because I have been there! As a matter of fact here is one of my responses.

"I tell you it was the absolute hardest thing ever. It has taken years. 11 to be exact. I have to say my Faith has helped me a lot...... The first girl I dealt with on the daily basis, she was a family member of my son's dad. I seriously HATED her, like I cannot even put into words the way I felt about her and it was mutual. I will never forget, it was her birthday and there was a party. I lived there so I was debating on what to do. I decided that day was the day I would take the high road. I bought a bday card and wrote in it something to the effect of "I know we don't see eye to eye and never will but I cannot live with hatred in my heart anymore so I do honestly wish you a happy bday". The look on her face was a little like she thought she had won and a little confused. I know it probably looked like she won, but she didn't, love did and hatred lost. It is really simple to just love everyone. Even when you are treated badly, love the person and hate the act/sin. It becomes a satisfying feeling watching my children see me do good and not speak badly. I want to be remembered for teaching and showing love. I turned the obsession of hate into an obsession of showing people how we should treat all human kind. I have made many enemies, and many people probably hate me and even more think I am strange but it all boils down to my mental status and being mentally healthy if that makes sense. You certainly have to WANT that "zen" feeling in order to achieve it and I still stumble and will never perfect it. You also can't worry about how other people perceive you. ...."

Then I got to thinking about all my different blog posts and how I almost SCREAM at my readers to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

We went to NC for Easter to see my Mother's side of the family, I was driving and there comes a point in the interstate where it splits from 85 south to 40 west. I knew the split was coming 4 lanes would break off in a Y of 2 lanes each, I was in what would become the right lane for that exit. I noticed an SUV trying to get over, her trunk was so full that she couldn't even see out of her rearview mirror piled high with laundry baskets and trash bags of clothing and toys and such. She put her signal on so I slipped over to the far left lane in order for her to get over. Do you know what she did? She FLIPPED ME OFF! Seriously, she was mad and flipped me off because she was on her phone and I can only assume that she startled herself slowly merging into the lane and caught glimpse of me not realizing I was getting over so she had to blame someone else- me. I know I said something bad like "what the hell" or something I felt like crap after I said that and then there she drove past me know and I saw her cute little blonde headed daughter (I assume) in her car seat smiling at the passing cars, so, I thought in my head "God Bless you, Lord please let her have safe travel" I felt better after that. Not so nasty and guilty. It makes me sad that she doesn't know I wished her well. I wish I had a paper sign (perhaps I will make one) That just says "God bless you and have a fantastic day!" I am sure someone would take it sarcastic and I would probably be shot.
Mom used to do that, it used to embarrass me, I remember one day going to or from the grocery store in the summertime windows open in our mini van. Something happened I don't really recall what but it wasn't My Mom's fault, she had the right away and these guys cussed her, I mean CUSSED her good too, it made me so sad that my Mother had to hear such filth and as she saw me stirring in the back ready to scream back she just stuck her pretty head out of the window threw her hand in the air and said "I will pray for you, God bless". I don't know what happened to those guys after that, perhaps they were nicer after that or maybe they just made fun of the crazy lady that will pray for them but either way my Mom did the right thing and went home with a clear conscience.

It is such a simple fix for us as humans but yet so hard, why? Why do we have to hate so much. We hate or are mean to people because of the color of their skin, their religion or lack thereof, their sexuality, their background, their past, their political beliefs. Why? We have to be different, if we weren't it would be boring, very boring. We hold grudges and aren't quick to forgive. Just because you have forgiven someone doesn't mean you have to invite them to the next cookout or even call and chit chat with them, just be cordial, polite, courteous, I mean really are these all dying qualities?

I wish I could change the world, I really do. I wish I could show one person love and it would spread just as quick as hate does but sadly less people are willing to work for that. Some people hold too much pride to just "grin and bare it" Some would rather cuss instead of politely smiling or walking away. So that is my challenge. I don't have a large amount of followers or readers, but even if the 21 of you that follow me will take the time to do this, perhaps it can spread. I called taking the high road and loving people the "ultimate pay it forward". Will you do it with me? Will you decide to find the positive, do the positive and show complete and total strangers that LOVE exists? Will you take the time to forgive that person that wronged you and makes you want to clinch your teeth until they crumble? Will you take the time to think before that road rage sets in? Take the time to revive the greatest feeling ever, Love. I know I can't change the world, but a couple of lives is ok by me. :)

Just a little FYI-

In case you missed it I started a 2nd blog where I keep all my recipes, eventually somehow I will figure out the tabs section and link the two but if you are missing the recipes and cooking posts- they are here


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Gavin will be 3 soon, in May to be exact. Time flies so fast once you have children. I have written many times about the miracles in my life, especially Gavin. On January 8th 2009 I was told that Gavin would not be normal, actually, I was told he would have a poor quality life and that I should abort. Immediately we prayed, we asked our family to pray, they asked their friends to pray and my maternal Grandmother asked Focus on the Family to pray.. She wanted to go see them and now after almost 3 years she will. She asked me to make a short video to show them Gavin's progress so I did. It isn't my best work and there is no music but it really gets the point across. The first few pics in the video are somewhat graphic but I wanted to share with the world where Gavin started and where he is now.

Again, warning this shows Gavin right after birth his lesion and cyst are visible.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little about me and 2 important men.

I was a lucky child, I had when born, 1 Great-Great Grandmother, 2 Great- Grandmothers, 1 Great-Grandfather and both Maternal and Paternal Grandparents. I didn't realize how special that really was until later in life. My Great-Great Grandmother died when I was still too young to remember. But the rest of these wonderful people left a lasting impression on my life. Sadly, My Great Grandparents have all passed. My Grandaddy passed away (2 years ago this October) probably the hardest Death I have dealt with to date.

That is me and Grandaddy ^^ Handsome man, huh?

I am sad because I miss him, I wish I had seen him just one more time but I know he is happier with Jesus than he could ever be here, it was his life goal, to meet Jesus and he crossed the finish line with flying colors. I talked to him on the phone the week that he died. It was strange because he said "Well, I will see ya when I see ya" Which is what he often said, but this time it was different, told me to hug the kids for him. Maybe he always said that but something made me think...hmmm but I still never expected it. I have some of THE greatest people in my family.
Being a female, I guess you would think that the females in my life have had the hugest impact, and though they have in some ways, the Men in my life have been huge-HUGE impacts. My Mother's family and my Father's are so different, it is like entering different worlds when you visit them but yet still the same. Weird I know.

This man, is Pawt. I call him Pawt because he was supposed to be "Paw" and my little sister couldn't say it, I remember when they urged her to say "PAW" and it came out "Pawt" We were in their basement and Pawt laughed so hard, that contagious laugh and said That is stickin'. And it has.

Also equally handsome. You can see the wisdom just from his face. This Man, my Grandfather is me. Weird but stick with me. This is where I get my stubborn ways, my hard-headedness, but it is also where I get my passion, my persistence, my drive. We are so much alike. It is actually kind of scary :).

My Dad's family (and myself) are strange or so I have been told, it is completely normal to me. We call each other on the need to basis, we don't "interfere" with each others lives, it is a known fact that we love each other deeply and don't have the "need" to tell each other daily, it is a given. It sounds bad typing it out. It really isn't THAT horrible though. Or maybe it is, and maybe this is the reason for this blog post.

I have so many fond childhood memories and looking back it isn't like we were wealthy, but it was fun. It was the little things. This past Christmas, my ever so intelligent sister decided we should all write things (366 total between the 3 of us kids) on a piece of paper and put it in a jar and give it to my parents. We did and now, every day they open the jar and take one out. It is all little things, small memories that made HUGE impacts on our life. Sometimes now I do things with my kids and think to myself "that will be in her/his jar one day"

Well I need my Pawt to know that there are things in my jar that are from him too. There are huge memories, fond memories from both Grandparents houses. I could list them all but you'd get bored :)

2 things- 2 Christmases that are etched in my brain.

*One was a Christmas that I asked for this toy, it was a driving toy, I don't even remember what it was called, but I knew I wanted it I had circled it in the sales paper and asked my Mamaw and Grandaddy for it. I opened every gift that day and that toy wasn't there. Finally my Grandaddy stood up and walked to the closet I had to bend my neck WAYYYYY up to see him and he pulled it out. I said something to the extent of "I knew you got it" and everyone got a kick out of it. I was really young but I remember it.

*The other was a Christmas we had come to Virginia to see my Nanny and Pawt's. I don't remember exact words or even how old I was but they told us there were toys in the basement and we could have anything that we wanted. When we walked into the basement it was like a toy store, 2 of everything I could ever imagine (or it seemed that way at least). We only took what we really wanted, oddly. I assume they returned the rest but that was an Awesome Christmas.

So here, publicly, I am announcing bigger than any Humphries has ever announced. Greg/Pawt, I love you. I love you so very much and you have had a huge impact on my life. I am totally ok with the fact that people think we are weird because who wants to strive to be normal? Thanks, Thank you for everything. Everything you have done for me (even the things I don't know about) Thank you for praying for me, for loving me. "I don't want to be the Humphries that crossed the Mountain and never looked back".

Thursday, March 8, 2012

" I am second"

So there is this new website (well new to me it started in '08) I am second, It is videos/testimonies of how people have over come struggles by putting Jesus Christ first. I know numerous times I have shared my stories through various posts. I have never fully disclosed everything. Sometimes I think you have to make yourself very vulnerable for people to be able to understand you or relate to you.

I have had many struggles, we all do. Though I have "survived" them all the ones where I allowed Jesus Christ to be first have been the most amazing revelations (if that is even the right word) in my life. This may be a bit redundant to most of you, and for that I apologize but if you know the feeling, the relief the amazingness that you feel when you have these moments it is something so flipping amazing that you can't help but share it over and over again.

Being raised in a Christian home and family I have always known who Jesus was, I grew up in Church memorizing bible verses and attending vacation bible school. I always wanted to feel this awesomeness that my Dad spoke of. I tried so hard, or at least I thought I had. It wouldn't be until I was in my 20's that I would truly experience this feeling that people spoke of. From about 11 years old until about 21 years old I was a real jerk, mean, hateful, hardheaded jackass. When I became pregnant (out of wedlock) with my oldest guilt set in. True guilt on how I had treated people thoughts filled my head of how horrible I was to my parents, my sister and random people that I went to school with. I blamed most of it on being bullied in elementary school but that is no excuse. Anyway, I was living with my sons dad and did for just shy of 7 years. We were not right for each other we had fights and it just wasn't a healthy relationship at all. I finally made the decision to leave. We had a verbal custody arrangement and we were doing ok with it. Then the ultimate thing happened, he served me with custody papers. He wanted full custody of my only child, now if you are a Mother you can imagine the heart wrenching that caused. My family and friends all assured me that there is no way that I could lose, none. I hired a lawyer and then another lawyer and a Guardian ad litem (a lawyer to represent my son) By this point I had started "dating" a friend that would later become my husband. Fast forward to about 3 months before the court date. I am now engaged and buying a house and am also pregnant. My lawyer and the Guardian both assure me that this isn't an issue, even though I plan on moving 2 hours away and reassure me that everything is going to be fine, rarely does a judge grant custody to a Father. I couldn't take the stress anymore, I couldn't continue to carry this burden anymore. I had just come home from work and went up 3 flights of stairs to my temporary attic bedroom at my parents house. No one was home, it was just me and my burden. I dropped so hard to my knees, I had never fallen to my knees with such force and emotion in my life. I was overcome, I wasn't even controlling my own body I don't even know how I controlled my own words at this point. I screamed and when I said screamed I took all the hatred, the agony, the pain and forced it all out with my voice with my hands thrown in the air as if throwing in the towel and said 12 words that would change my life forever. "IT IS IN YOUR HANDS LORD, WHATEVER YOUR WILL I ACCEPT IT" Just typing that and taking my mind back to that day gives me chill bumps, floods of emotion. I meant those words, I mean MEANT, I know that everytime I type one of these stories I emphasize MEANT and I cannot emphasize it enough. Anyone can say those words and I had said them probably thousands of times before but this time was different. I had to be second Jesus Christ had to be first. So I went on to buy my house spent many hours away from my temporary home getting it all ready for us to move in. I had his bedroom all done up, it was so cute. Court day arrived, it was a disaster, people lied. I was absolutely disgusted at the behavior of some people, including the judge who seemed to not care at all that I was speaking while he what appeared to be playing solitaire on his laptop. Then the decision that made me collapse on the court room floor. We were granted 50/50 parental custody but His dad was granted physical custody. Physical custody. That meant that I was going to not see my son, my heart, my soul that I spent months carrying in my womb and spent 26 hours in pain to bring into this world, that I spent my days caring for-everyday. This thing that WAS my life is now going to be Physically nonexistent in my daily routine. I will never forget the sound of my Fathers voice on the phone as long as I live. He was absolutely convinced I would win. The shock and disappointment (not in me but in the decision) could be heard in his voice, his words were so soft almost a whisper but the emotion was so loud. I knew what I said on my knees that day and somehow had convinced myself that "His will" would most certainly be for me to "win". After a lot of tears, hyperventilation and vomiting I stood up and told someone I don't remember who- "I put it in God's hands, I told him whatever his will I would accept it". Hardest promise ever to keep. I am not going to lie. I don't know why it ended the way it did and I am not about to question it. There is a reason that it worked that way and I am ok with it. It hurts and it took me 4 years to be able to leave his bedroom door open when he is gone, or to wash his laundry while he is not here. Sundays are still hard when I have to make that drive back. It has been almost 5 years and I often daydream about how it would be if he were here all the time. I can tell you though, I am at peace with the decision, I hate no one and I harbor no ill will. I can tell you though, had I not put me second I would have never survived this speed bump in life.

There have been other times, My last son being diagnosed inutero with spina bifida and hydrocephalus is a huge one, but I talk about that one often. I don't think I have actually ever said on here that I do not have physical custody of my oldest son. If you want to read about Gavin you can read these stories One year anniversary of finding out A video of our one year journey When-against all odds he walked His second birthday And here where he learned to kick a ball

And this (from another site I used to use) Is the very first post I made on the very day I found out.

On my last prenatal appointment I reluctantly signed papers to have AFP screening done, I gave my blood and never thought twice about it. On Tuesday (01-06-09) My ob called, My results were abnormal....I didn't flinch, I didn't worry, he even assured me that there was no reason to worry there are so many false positives, I held on to that hope and did my own research. I was positive..besides I have Faith, God is on my side!
Well super stoked to have my ultrasound scheduled earlier than it was, my Husband and I go across town to Johnston Willis Medical center, 5th floor, I filled out my paper work, joked around with the receptionist, and waited my turn. First a nurse/tech came in she showed us our little baby and went down for a gender shot, before she could say it I screamed ITS A BOY!!!!!! Jason (hubby) even high fived me in the middle of the ultrasound (classic Jason). She was super sweet and answered every question I asked and printed a penis picture for Jason's bragging rights. She then said I can't get a good shot of the spine his tushy is pressed against your uterus. She took measurements and said "he is right on track 10 oz." (I forget the head size but it was perfect too Jason has a big head and I always make sure with ultrasounds that I reitterate the head isn't too big right LOL).
Anyway enter Dr. (Dr. Barbara Head yep that is what I said Barbie Head LOL, the other dr was Dr. Ronald's to crazy to make up so I swear it I felt like I was in who-ville in the Grinch stole Christmas)
The Dr, says there is fluid on the baby's brain showed us the head and says and his head is "lemon" shaped and see this it is banana shaped (something in the brain), they tried to see the end of the spine but he wouldn't co-operate. She finally got an awkward shot and said Yep your baby has Spina Bifida.
Then she starts giving us options telling us what to do yadda yadda, I really didn't hear much, I heard her getting ready to say Abortion and I stopped her, there was no need to say it I knew that was NOT an option for me.
I am scheduled for an MRI, the Ultrasound wasn't "concrete"...I am at peace almost though. God is Good, and maybe since I am who I am and if this little boy has spina bifida, he couldn't have a better family. God knows what he is doing, he doesn't make mistakes.
I won't be positive until I see that precious baby, there is always room for miracles, and I believe they happen everyday, to little people like me :)
For any of you that have had to deal with this I commend you, for your strength, your courage and your love for that innocent child, for those of you who have never had to feel this I pray you never do.
Even if the Ultrasound is wrong, my life has been changed to an extent i will never be able to explain.
To those of you that are here for me (and you know who you are) I love you and owe you big time (no matter how strong you are, you still need a shoulder to cry on)