Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh-m-Gee... WHAT-Evah mom.

Yeah, that's what I heard from the back seat of the car, my sweet (sometimes) little baby girl, my ONLY girl is now one of "them".
And as I was having that "e-card moment"

I remembered my Mother.
My sweet, patient, God fearing Mom.

Believe me, I needed God right this very moment or Avery Brooke was about to have a come to Jesus moment.

Things flashed into my head, things I used to say (probably WHAT -EVAH) and only the good Lord knows what else.

I remember finding out I was pregnant with Walker, finding out you're pregnant when you were a HORRIBLE child will also make you have a come to Jesus moment. (Hind sight, it's 20/20 ya know) I remember apologizing I mean begging basically- in tears. For forgiveness, I don't remember the exact words, but I remember them telling me, hey, that's how parenthood goes, we all got through it.

Well I'm going through it. AB has been a screaming red hot beautiful mess since the day she was born, always into something, super intelligent (almost too intelligent) and now, here she is, months from being 6 (SIX!?) and she's gone all bratz, monster high on me. She wants to know when she can drive and reminds me that she doesn't NEED to go to school cause she "already knows everything there is to know"

My Mom, God bless her heart. Such a good woman, best woman God placed on this earth. She's simple, and not always best with articulating whatever it is she's trying to say, but we all understand her. Her love and actions speak louder than her words.

My sister and my husband and my brother (ok everyone) tells me I'm turning into Mom. And ya know, that's ok. That's what I strive to be...this woman, this amazingly beautiful, kind, generous, loving, caring woman. The woman that raised me even through the "what-Evers" and "I hate you's" the slammed doors, the suspensions from school, the yelling and hatred that spewed from my young teenage lips.

So thanks Mom, thanks for teaching me how to love. Thanks for showing me how to be a good Mom (though some days I fail) thanks for reminding me, we all go through it and that I will survive it (with or without my natural color hair ;) )

I love ya oodles.