Monday, April 7, 2014

Pinterest: succeed or fail. Keeping bathroom mirrors from fogging 1 simple step. Success!

The pin:

So the claim is, if you put soap on your mirror and buff it out with a cloth the mirror won't fog when you shower.

So I put soap on the mirror. I thought I was going to regret this because of the amount of elbow grease I assumed it would take to buff the soap off. I was plesantly surprised! 

I didn't use a lot. We use the cranberry dial, if it matters. ( yes my iPad cover is covered in stickers, I live with an itty bitty army that like to embellish things)

It only took me 3 minutes to buff the mirror clean (if that) 

I turned the shower on just hot water, shut the door and walked away for 20 minutes. 
When I came back I was plesantly surprised! The picture is hazy because the bathroom was foggy but the mirror was crystal clear and ready for hair, makeup or shaving to commence without having to wipe it a million times with a towel. 


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