Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fast Cars, Autumn Leaves and Country roads

I have a small love affair with back roads, one road in particular here locally.

Growing up was pretty cool, I was a Tom-boy and I had 3 cool Uncles and an awesome Dad. Dad and his brother decided to buy old trucks and cars and rebuild them. He had an old Chevy pick-up 1959 (I'm pretty sure it was a '59 but he may correct me and say it was a '58 but I remember it being a '59- there were several vehicle purchases in that time period, ha)

Anyway, those three (my Uncles and Dad)are the reason I love back country roads and driving fast.

I spent a lot of time on the race track and in the pits. My favorite smells are (in this order) racing gas, tires burning rubber, honeysuckle, magnolia, pipe tobacco, summer rain and crisp autumn air.

I had to drive down that road last week. I know it so well I could drive it with my eyes closed. There's an unspoken rule about back country roads, the speed limit doesn't matter you can drive as slow or as fast as you want and it's understood.

I drove down that road and lost myself, I was young again and there was no speed limit, for just a little while I wasn't driving a Toyota Camry, I was in a Chevy pick up truck,in the passenger seat, I could feel the dust from the floor vents blowing in my face, I could hear the motor and laughed as I slid across the bench seat on a turn.