Friday, August 22, 2014

A thank you.

I am sitting here this morning watching Gavin eat his cereal. I am thinking about the emotions I will go through in the next weeks as he starts his new chapter. Kindergarten.

I am nervous, sad and excited all at the same moment.

It made me think about everything we have been through to get to this point and all of the friends and family that have been there along the way (you know who you are). I spent probably the first 4 years of his life in a fog, tired mentally and physically and now it is slowly becoming normal, routine.
Without all of you I wouldn't have made it. You guys have stepped up and helped us so much whether it was donating to the Spina Bifida Association, purchasing items from our fundraisers, raffle tickets or just showing up to walk, being there when I needed someone to just cry to and vent even if you didn't understand why I was crying about catheters or enemas or vp shunts, you listened. Some of you just helped by understanding that our family is "special" and our normal is not "normal". Some of you have kept us included regardless if we could make it or not. You have supported Gavin (and the other two) through their sports, you cry with joy over his triumphs even if it is the tiniest of accomplishments. You have made us feel "normal", loved, and included and for all of that, I thank you.

Gavin's battle isn't over, it will never be over. He will spend the rest of his life in Physical therapy so he can keep his ability to walk, his months will be riddled with doctors appointments, surgeries and his days with medications, orthotics and the like. I am ok though because I know you will all continue to support him.

I am proud to call you all family (friends included). You will never understand how much it has meant to us.

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